Understanding Slash Challenge

Back in May, 1999 I issued the following challenge in the hopes of allowing others to share their experiences with the slash world and in an effort to understand what the slash community is all about. I received wonderful feedback, all of which is posted here. I will continue to post responses indefinently, so feel free to email me your response.

—Endymion, High Priestess of TER/MA


This month I feel compelled to do something a little different. Actually, a lot different. This challenge is brought about by three different influences. First, a recent discussion with an author brought up the fact that people have very differing views on what slash is and how it is viewed. Second, I was very impressed with a recent member's story of how she became interested in slash. Lastly, I have a minor in anthropology and a natural curiosity about cultural phenomena, which I think the slash genre is.

That said, this month's challenge is to write a description of what your personal relationship with slashfic is. This can include whatever you feel appropriate—your history with it, what you think the definition of slash is, how you think the public views slash, how you think various actors/actresses view slash, how open you are about being a slash fan with others, including your friends, coworker, family etc... You might also include information about your demographic background like education, nationality, sexuality, employment, age, and experiences.

I am planning on posting individual responses anonymously, and then writing a kind of montage at the end of the month drawing the responses together. I encourage all members to respond, writers, betas, and readers alike.

Also, if anyone should know an actor/actress whose character has been slashed, or someone in the biz, I would love to get feedback from "the official" side of things as well.

Send feedback & responses to ned&leny at theband@mac.com

OK folks, have fun with it!


And the responses to date:

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