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TER/MA Challenges


December Challenge

November Challenge

October Challenge

September 'Badfic' Challenge

July/August Challenge

June Challenge

The Special May Challenge
(understanding slash)


March/April Challenge - Malfunctioning Sex Toys

The Key by Tarlan

Boys and Their Toys by Orithain

Sweet Tooth by Frankie

Crossover Snippet 2- Mr Fixit by Sleeps with Coyotes


February Challenge - Heroes

My Hero by Megaera

Arthur or Martha? by Hattie

Hero Worship by Orithain

Did I Ever Tell You by Frankie

Just For One Day by Dr Ruthless (Shelter From the Storm Series)

Stone Hero by Endymion


The January 1999 Challenge - Crossdressing

Skirting the Issue by Orithain

To Alex, Thanks for Everything. Love, Tallulah Mulder by Dr Ruthless

Steppin' Out by Frankie

The Price is High by Fleur


The 2000 Challenges