May 2000 Challenge

This month's challenge is from May-conX (with a small addition from us):

Write a story where Krycek and Mulder (or Mac and Vic if you prefer) are cuffed together, possibly by a third party (said third party need not necessarily be sexually involved), and in such a way that they cannot remove the cuffs.

The story can be set anywhere in the timeline, preferably post Terma/Tunguska or post Patient X/Ratb.

Have a blast with a cuffed couple!


Anyone can respond to the challenges. You do not have to be a member of the site or the listserv to do so. Simply send your response to us at


Quality Time
by Sarah

What if... Tunguska
by Nimue

by Angel and Rina

Inextricable Relationships
by Ursula