June 2000 Challenge

This month's challenge is from Rowanne:

Stories written with something of the author included in them are made more rich in detail and feeling by the emotions and experiences the author conveys in them. They are also more personal, and thus more interesting, for the author to write. This month's challenge is to write a story in which our heroes visit the town in which you live in. The story should include details about the town which will lend flavor to the background of the story. You might take the opportunity to create an x-file they would investigate that would involve local businesses or individuals (please change names for legalities sake!) This is not an invite for Mary Sue fic, but a writing exercise in creating an environment for the characters to act in.

Anyone can respond to the challenges. You do not have to be a member of the site or the lists to do so. Simply send your response to us at theband@mac.com



Left Turn at Albuquerque (Or Point of No Return)
by Agentalexkrycek

The Traveler
by Raietta

A Hard Rain's Going to Fall
by Ursula

by Aqualegia

Taurus Mountain Trail
by Katail

HK Contact
by Aris