January 2000 Challenge

This month I am going to do what I vowed I would never do. I am actually encouraging authors to write a Mary Sue piece. This means I want the author to create a character which is a portrayal of themselves in the story. It doesn't have to be an accurate portrayal, just a character that represents some part of yourself that interacts with the boys. Often this gets done by accident in stories, so I am sure that we can do it on purpose.

Anyone can respond to the challenges. You do not have to be a member of the site or the listserv to do so. Simply send your response to us at theband@mac.com



P.M.S. by Awena

Musings by Ruric

Oedipal Complex by Ursula

The Prize Fighter by Demi-X

Twisted Heaven I: Falling
Twisted Heaven II: Hiding from the Light by Mockery

Apartment 42 by Jennifer

Bizarre Love Triangle by Ms Brooklyn

"Sure, Fine, Whatever..." by Frankie, Dr Ruthless and Niffusa

Apology Snippet by Shadowfox

Wax Jism Rushes In Where MarySues Fear To Tread by Wax Jism