February 2000 Challenge

This month's challenge is from Ayelet:

Well, I was kinda thinking along these line. Alex is usually the one who's been everywhere, done everything and is the more, um, sexually experienced. So I thought it might be nice to see the roles switching. I want to see Fox seduce Alex. But! Not rooky, wet-behind-the-ears Alex of "Sleepless" but rather the leather-and-denim double/triple/who's counting agent/assassin.
How does that sound?

Anyone can respond to the challenges. You do not have to be a member of the site or the list to do so. Simply send your response to us at theband@mac.com


Snow Heart, Melt For Me
by Ursula

Sound and Fury
by Dr Ruthless

Suburban Dreams
by Katail

Solitary Pleasure
by Tarlan

Sequel: Just Another Night
by T Rose

by Jennifer

Dance, Mata Hari, Dance
by Nyx Midnight