December 2000 Challenge

Louise Wu's challenge:

To Serve & Protect

This month's challenge is bodyguards.

Forget about obnoxious movies with Whitney Houston or Shirley MacLaine, or bad TV shows with busty bimbo bodyguards!

Instead, think of the sexy men of the X-Files. One man putting his life on the line to protect another. The intimate contact between two men as one of them places his body in between a threat and the man he lives to defend. Taking a beating or a bullet to prevent harm. Sleeping close by to keep him safe at night.

It could be AU. It could be an FBI agent protecting a witness who's going to testify against the Consortium. It could be BDSM, the bodyguard a sub to the protectee's dom. Perhaps one man is injured and the other must defend him to deliver him out of harm's way.

It could just be one man protecting the man he loves.

The challenges are open indefinitely and anyone may respond. You do not have to be a member
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