August 2000 Challenge

This month's challenge is from Sarah:

A common theme in slash-especially cop/millitary shows—is one or both partner's fear of settling down, of getting soft. In the X-Files episode "Arcadia," Mulder and Scully do, well, pretend to do just that. They go undercover as husband and wife while investigating a series of mysterious dissapearances in an exclusive subdivision, and play the part to a T, including pet names ("poopie head") and preppy clothes (i.e., Mulder in a pink shirt). Well, what if Mulder and Krycek (or Mac/Vic) were partners, and had to go into a gay subdivision? Or perhaps Krycek does a b&e and disturbs Mulder and Scully's playing house? What if the 'killer' targets May/December couples, so Skinner and Krycek are the ones undercover? There are a lot of possibilites, from a brooding Krycek who wants to quit spying on Mulder and be a house husband, a sweet little PWP about closeted partners who discover they love suburban life (despite appropriately gruff exteriors, of course), to a Mulder-esque cooking disaster. It can be any pairing that you would see at RatB, but the story needs to include: 1. A subdivision, 2. Neighbors who interact with the characters—the thought of adoring housewives baking pies for our boys comes to mind—3. An argument, teasing, whatever, over one character's sleepwear or sleeping habits. Have fun!

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A Garden of Earthly Delights
by Ursula Walter Skinner/Ricky Caruso