April 2000 Challenge

This month's challenge is from Isayeva:

There are many stories where it is mentioned, if only in passing, that Ratboy spent time in the past working as a prostitute/rent-boy/general purveyor of sexual favours. However, I have encountered very few where he is still doing it when the story takes place. I can see in this much opportunity for all the angst, pain and suffering we like to expose the boys to.
So that's my offering. A story, set anywhere, anytime; post-Terma, Hong Kong, (even Sleepless if you have the ingenuity) etc., where Krycek is whoring and is discovered by Mulder.



Fantasy by Sebastian
Cigarettes and Alcohol by Isayeva
The Problem by Ophite
A Hard Rain's Going to Fall by Ursula
Tender is the Night by Rhysenn
DC Rain by Aries

Anyone may respond to the challenges. You do not have to be a member of the site or the list to do so. Simply send your response to us at theband@mac.com